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Hi there

Glad you found my website.


I am Jolien Vandemoortele, born in 1996 in Kortrijk.

Surrounded by a beautiful family and the peaceful West Flemish countryside, I was given every opportunity to develop myself.


I've always been someone who prefers to be in the background. Someone who feels more at home in listening to others than taking the word myself. Someone who enjoys giving more than receiving.


My studies 'nutrition and dietetics' are in line with this.

It fascinates me to guide people towards a lifestyle that is achievable for them and feels natural.  
I love to take the time to discuss difficulties and celebrate successes.


In my consultations I invest in the mental aspect of nutrition and behavioral change.

I take a weight-neutral approach and focus on gaining health through self-love and listening to your body, in the long term, without focusing on the scale.



"if the search for a healthy lifestyle creates stress and guilt, is that still healthy?"


I also guide (top)athletes looking for a good balance between feeding their bodies, performing and living.

I, myself, am not unfamiliar with (top)sports. I did triathlon at national level for several years and then switched to athletics.


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