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The pressure is real.

(Social) media full of 'ideal' model bodies, fatshaming, fad diets, millions of different truths, forbidden foods and picture-perfect, ultra-healthy meals.


Society is currently an ideal breeding ground for insecurity and self-doubt.

The goal of healthy nutrition is overshot and the number on the scale and your clothing size become more important than your health.


I believe that a sustainable relationship with nutrition should be based on the signals from your own body. By giving your body a voice again and (learning to) recognize hunger and satiety signals, you base your eating behavior not on external, but on internal factors.


My goal is to step away from the scale with my clients if that number is currently trying to determine their identity.
Let's bring the focus back to the core: nurturing yourself with food that makes you feel good.




Being an athlete, I feel that athletes are missing out a bit. Intuitive eating and food freedom sounds fantastic. But how do you link maximum performance to that? Isn't it too risky to trust yourself instead of the predetermined grams of carbohydrates, proteins and fats? To focus on your feeling of hunger and satiety instead of your kitchen scale? Is it possible?


I believe it can be. I know that we can let go of rigid eating patterns and balanced diet mentality in athletes, that this can be part of eating disorder prevention and that eating no longer has to be accompanied by doubt and frustration, but with feeding, enjoying and trusting .




With Nurture by Nature I want to provide you with the tools to make good choices for your (athlete) body.


NURTURE your body. Respect it. Listen to what it tells you and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

BY NATURE we know how to do this. We have been doing it since childhood, listening to our hunger and satiety feelings. But by growing up with influences from outside, many have forgotten how to do this. It takes time to give those signals back the voice they deserve.
Are you willing to give this a chance?